Mr. Weathington started his legal career in Atlanta, Georgia first at Troutman Sanders and then at Schreeder Wheeler and Flint. In 1987, he returned to his hometown of Carrollton, Georgia and practiced at the firm of Tisinger Vance until 1992. In 1992, Mr. Weathington returned to Atlanta and joined Hunter Allen in a firm that eventually became known as Allen & Weathington.

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Mr. Weathington began his practice in medical malpractice defense at the Tisinger Vance firm but was able to concentrate more exclusively in medical malpractice upon his return to Atlanta as the firm represented The Emory Clinic and most other medical malpractice insurance companies. In 2005, Mr. Weathington and his wife Molly formed The Weathington Firm, which later became known as Weathington Smith, Weathington McGrew, and now Weathington.