Commercial Litigation

Every time a business provides a service, sells a product, takes out a loan, or purchases assets, it enters into a contract. The agreement may not be commemorated in a lengthy, signed document, but Georgia law nonetheless recognizes that the parties have certain obligations and rights, no matter how simple the transaction. The odds are good that, at some point in the life of a business, it will encounter a dispute relating to a transaction to which it was a party. Some disputes are simple to address and resolve quickly. Others are more complex and involve litigation with large sums at stake.

The Weathington Firm has attorneys experienced in a wide array of commercial and business-related litigation matters, including:

  • Breach of contract
  • Non-competition and other restrictive covenant disputes
  • Promissory notes and secured lending
  • Shareholder disputes

Its attorneys also are available to counsel clients regarding potential disputes and to enter into negotiations in an attempt to avoid unnecessary and costly litigation.