Defense Verdict Reached in Recent Trial for Paul Weathington and Lindsay Forlines

  • Apr 24 2017

Paul Weathington and Lindsay Forlines successfully obtained a defense verdict in favor of a neurosurgeon in a one-week trial in Fulton Superior Court.  Plaintiffs alleged that the defendant neurosurgeon negligently performed the at-issue lumbar spinal surgery, with allegations including improper entering of the spinal cord, overly extensive exploration, and misinterpretation of two post-operative MRIs.  Incomplete informed consent was also a theme of Plaintiffs’ trial.  Plaintiffs requested upward of $5 million in damages for Plaintiff’s alleged conditions, including a spinal leak, bowel and bladder dysfunction, and other neurologic deficits.  The jury entered a defense verdict in favor of both the operating neurosurgeon and the practice, both represented by Weathington and Forlines.

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