Paul Weathington and David Hanson: Defense Verdict for Nephrologist

  • Mar 12 2018

On March 9, 2018, Paul Weathington and David Hanson obtained a defense verdict following a week-long trial in Fulton County State Court. The Plaintiff in the case underwent total abdominal hysterectomy during which the surgeons improperly stitched shut the Plaintiff’s ureter. Following surgery, the Defendant nephrologist was consulted regarding abnormal laboratory values, which could possibly suggest an intra-surgical injury. The Defendant nephrologist followed the lab values for two days, then recommended that the surgeon follow-up with the lab values when the Plaintiff returned for her post-operative visits. This follow-up never happened and the Plaintiff ended up losing a kidney. Paul and David argued that their Defendant was correct in suggesting the surgeon should follow-up on labs when the Plaintiff returned to the surgeon’s office, and that the nephrologist should not be held responsible for the surgeon’s failure to have the labs run. After two hours of deliberation, a Fulton County jury agreed, returning a defense verdict in favor of the Defendant nephrologist.

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